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Thailand, located in South East Asia, is among the large automotive exporters in the world as well as manufacturers of electronic goods. Thailand is an emerging and the 2nd largest economy in South East Asia which relies heavily on exports. Thailand is a member of the World Trade Organization, the Cairns Group of agricultural exporters and part of the ASEAN Free Trade Area. Thailand has vigorously followed free trade agreements. Thailand is a leading rice-exporter and a major shrimp-exporter in the world. Major minerals of the country are fluorite, gypsum, natural gas, rubber, tantalum, lead, lignite, tin and tungsten.

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Economy of Thailand


Fiscal Year

01 October - 30 September




$151.1 Billion


$125.2 Billion

Main Industries

tourism, agricultural processing, beverages,tobacco, cement, light manufacturing, jewelry,electric appliances,computers and parts,integrated circuits,furniture, plastics,automobiles and automotive parts,tungsten producer, tin producer, textiles and garments.

Export Goods

textiles, footwear,fishery products, rice,rubber, jewelry,automobiles, computers and electrical appliances.

Import Goods

capital goods, consumer goods, fuels,intermediate goods and raw materials.